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Digital media is everywhere these days, and like you, we also have smartphones, tablets, wifi, games and apps, and we follow our family and friends, we strive to keep us with the fast-paced changes new technology can make and we have fun doing it! Regardless how fast things can get, Southside Mitsubishi is here for you each step of the way! Please take a moment to check out our social media accounts listed below and keep up with Mitsubishi news, Offers, specials, discounts, information and just plain fun and jokes, seriously, though, you should check out our YouTube and you'll see what we mean! Life is short, have fun and keep smiling






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We are always looking for fun ways to deliver you informaiton about our products and services we thought, hey why not try YouTube! Turns out, we have a blast making and sharing videos! Whether its a demonstration on a new Mitsubishi model, or a funny song, your sure to have some enjoyment by tuning in.





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At first we thought, what? Facebook? really? but after only a few times, we feel in love with it just like the billions of other people who use it too. What a way to meet people and stay connected!





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Just when you thought following someone was bad, social media introduced Twitter. Want to see what we are up to?




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Like an online scrapbook, you can view or pin photos! Show us your Mitsubishi photos and we'll share ours





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Check-in each time you visit Southside Mitsubishi you can gain points towards discounts and offers, pop-in enough times and you could be the Mayor of Southside! (Sorry, Foursquare only)